Defining your backup strategy

HYCU for Azure enables you to schedule automatic backups to achieve the optimum level of data protection based on your recovery point objective (RPO) and backup retention requirements. Backups can be scheduled to start each time the specific number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months has passed.

When defining your backup strategy, consider the specific needs of your environment and the RPO that represents the maximum period of time for which data loss is considered acceptable. For example, setting the RPO to 24 hours means that your business can tolerate losing only data from the last 24 hours.

Decide which of the following policy approaches best suits the needs of your environment:

Policy approach Description
Applying a predefined policy You can use any of the predefined policies to simplify the data protection implementation. For details, see “Taking advantage of predefined policies”.
Creating a custom policy If none of the predefined policies meets the needs of your environment, you can create a new policy and tailor it to your needs. For details, see “Creating a custom policy”.

If you consider one of the predefined or custom policies satisfies all data protection goals of your environment, you can set such a policy as default. For details, see “Setting a default policy”.