Service pricing

Because HYCU for Azure utilizes the Azure platform for its service needs, when you enable data protection, you are charged for both the backup and recovery service and the allocated resources it requires.

The total data protection cost is the sum of the following costs:

Data protection cost

Figure: Data protection cost

Cost Details

Backup and recovery

Cost of backing up and restoring data. For details, see “Backup and recovery pricing”.

Backup data storage

Cost of storing backup data. The following factors are considered:

  • Target type (a snapshot or a storage account)

    n Note  If backup data is stored in an Azure storage account, the cost may vary depending on whether you are using a manually created storage account or an automatically created one (StorageV2 by default).

  • Access tier (hot, cool, or archive)
  • Size of backup data
  • Backup retention period
  • Backup frequency

If you use a storage account as a target, the use of copies of backup data and/or data archives is also considered.

Temporary resources

Cost of temporary virtual machines and disks that HYCU for Azure creates in Azure when performing the following tasks:

  • Backing up virtual machines
  • Restoring virtual machines or virtual machine disks
  • Restoring individual files
  • Performing maintenance operations

i Important  The names of the temporary resources that HYCU for Azure creates for data protection purposes start with the hycuazure or hycu-azure prefix. Make sure not to rename or delete any of them unless specifically instructed to do so.

A HYCU for Azure subscription includes a 14-day free trial period. During this time, HYCU does not charge you for the backup and recovery cost. The cost of backup data storage and temporary resources is charged by Microsoft as usual.

For more details on pricing, see Azure Marketplace.

Backup and recovery pricing

HYCU for Azure backup and recovery pricing model provides you with the simplicity and transparency of consumption-based pricing. At the end of your 14-day free trial period, you are billed according to the software plan that you select when subscribing to HYCU for Azure. For details on the software plans, see “HYCU for Azure software plans”.

Pricing for data protection is based on the capacity of all disks belonging to protected virtual machines and pricing tiers to which these virtual machines belong, within a monthly billing cycle. A pricing tier to which a protected virtual machine belongs is determined when you assign a policy to the virtual machine. HYCU for Azure automatically associates the virtual machine with one of the pricing tiers based on the value of the Backup every option in the policy that defines how frequently data is backed up. For details on policies, see “Defining your backup strategy”.

Depending on how frequently your data is backed up, each protected virtual machine belongs to one of the following pricing tiers:

Virtual machine pricing tier Data backup frequency (in hours)







Greater than or equal to 24

i Important  If a virtual machine is deleted from Azure, but it still has at least one valid restore point available, it is considered protected (its status is PROTECTED_DELETED). HYCU automatically associates such a virtual machine with the Bronze pricing tier and charges you for protecting only the included disks.

HYCU for Azure software plans

HYCU for Azure offers you the following software plans:

  • Pay-as-you-go plan

    Select this plan if you want to pay only for what you use for data protection each month.

    For details on the pay-as-you-go software plan, see Azure Marketplace.

  • Token-based plan

    Select this plan if you want to pay a fixed subscription fee. In this case, you pay for the number of HYCU tokens that you plan to consume for data protection each month.

    For details on the token-based software plan, contact your HYCU sales representative.